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Submerged shadows (Elation) / Hyparpax

27 (5.00)
  • 登録: 2022年09月28日 15:05
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Blanclands / Hyparpax

5 (5.00)
  • 登録: 2021年10月27日 17:36
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MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXj6nM6k-LE

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Played 7K HYPER.

A high energy techno with a mysterious or moody feeling. I feel like I want to play an exploration platformer with this as BGM. I like the trap break!

If there is a nitpick, it is that the big chords at 0:33 seem slightly too loud when hitting the biggest chords? (personal opinion) (it's also hard to be specific because there are points where they don't seem as loud as others)
At the same time this mixing oddity also gives a feeling like a lot of old amateur indie internet techno, so maybe it's good/fitting in that sense.

インプレID: 721 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2023年02月27日(月) 15:38 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K HYPER and 7K ANOTHER.

A BMS that brings to mind older techno pop. The oldskool presentation is good.
The patterns are low level and close in rating but are also very tricky, and it gave me an impression of old installments of a similar rhythm game.
After playing, I looked up the artist on bmssearch, and I was surprised to find out there was a gap of over a decade!?

インプレID: 719 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2023年02月15日(水) 21:33 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K ANOTHER.

Until I played this I never thought about how few jungle terror BMS there seem to be? (The only other one I can think of is... "にゃんぐるてら~★".)
The track is good, and it's cool to see an already established western artist try BMS! Particularly I liked the switch to the half-time dubstep drum pattern at the end!

インプレID: 718 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2023年02月13日(月) 14:38 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K HYPER.

Specifically it seems like industrial hardcore. I can feel that care was taken in terms of arrangement and layering to make a track that plays well in a music game, and the pattern was enjoyable!

I liked the harshness of the various industrial sounds and the chiptune bleep sound.
The melody of the final section sounds more upbeat or "happy" than the rest of the track, which surprised me the first time I listened to it, though this may be deliberate?

インプレID: 717 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2023年02月13日(月) 14:27 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K HYPER.
The strange techstep synth noises, the BMP BGA, and the tricky technical chart make the BMS stand out as bizarre and underground! The personality feels strong, and it's an enjoyable track on its own merits.
I liked the more "emoi" second half. I do think the transition to it was rather sudden, but the song is very cool nonetheless!

インプレID: 714 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2023年02月09日(木) 12:22 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K ANOTHER.
The big chord hits + scratch in the pattern were cool. Music-wise, it was a really "rhythm game" hardcore with lots of energy. Personal taste, the open hat may be panned too much to the right, to an extent that it sounds imbalanced? (If you want the hi-hat to sound wide, it might be worth layering in a different or detuned hi-hat panned far to the left.)

インプレID: 692 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年12月28日(水) 15:12 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K HYPER.
Despite the name and the forest setting of the BGI, to me it sounds more like an action scene rather than travel music. In particular, the section with the descending arpeggio and the chiptune riser sounds like it belongs in a level where the player jumps across moving vehicles like train cars or something.

Though old chiptune music tends to be based heavily in fusion and rock, I get the impression this is taking structural cues mostly from video game techno tracks. There's not much of a melodic "hook", but it's energetic and fits nicely with hitting buttons at a high speed.

インプレID: 691 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年12月25日(日) 17:34 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 5K ANOTHER.
There were many unsettling elements that reminded me of musique concrète and industrial. It's a work that gives the feeling something is "wrong" without crossing over into outright horror.
Although it's deliberately noisy and uncomfortable, it's a very rhythmic track that I think still draws the listener in.
Is this a pseudonym? A work released under a pseudonym on pupuly seems really rare in this day and age! (It does definitely sound reminiscent of a currently active artist's style.)

インプレID: 690 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年12月25日(日) 17:26 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K ANOTHER.

Comfy melodic dnb-electronica that sounds like it could play during the closing credits to a game. I thought the LFO sync lead was an unusual but interesting choice for this type of song.

インプレID: 686 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年11月06日(日) 20:02 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K ANOTHER.

Psy with a nice murky atmosphere that I thought was good! Is this the artist's first original work in BMS? I think the sound design is understandably a bit simple, but the song is very solid as a BMS track regardless.

インプレID: 685 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年11月06日(日) 19:57 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K ANOTHER.

A cold ambient track with a disoriented, wandering feeling.
The composition technique is interesting! It's more flexible than the 3-keysound limitation while still resulting in a unique minimalism. I also thought the way it could be pushed to a "tricky" style level 10 pattern was rare.

インプレID: 683 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年11月02日(水) 07:20 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played [SP HYPER].

The pattern was on the easier side for a level 11, but I thought it sounded cluttered while playing, so I want to address the mix more than anything,
I was concerned that the mix seems to have frequency buildup around the 500-1000 Hz range, and seems to have its high frequencies start to roll off around 6k-10k Hz. As a result of this, the song sounds... unclear? Which I thought takes away from the enjoyable sense of aggression. I'd like to hear a cleaner mix where instruments have more certainly defined places in the frequency spectrum through usage of small EQ cuts and boosts and such.

In general, when comparing to reference tracks, I notice that 69 de 74-san's speedcore mixes tend to have the sub+bass from the kick not as emphasized, as well as have the high frequencies muted. I wonder how much of my issues are just different personal preference?

Regardless of this, from a compositional standpoint the song is enjoyable as a high-intensity combination of renaissance and speedcore. I think it's comparable to BEAT MASTER SLAYER in terms of enjoyable pure aggression, but with songwriting that's closer to the Sheena Ed Crow works.
Honestly it's the kind of song I usually find very fun! Hence why I'm being so nitpicky about the mix's lack of clarity! I apologize if I'm being too annoying!

インプレID: 681 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年09月28日(水) 19:51 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played [CRAZY] and [HELLENICAN].

To be blunt, it's poorly made, but I thought it was a little interesting as outsider art.
The song reminded me a lot of the other rhythm game's "OVERDOSER". My understanding is that it seems to be a collage of samples from existing BMS... I think moving forward it'd be worthwhile to learn how to make your own sounds to start with, or at least find some presets and sample packs that won't be a gray area to use. Sampling other works is part of music, but in this case it's done rather sloppily, so it comes off careless and potentially disrespectful to the artists, I think. Or, well, it gives the impression the artist just took other people's sounds because they didn't have any of their own... (I apologize if I'm wrong.)

The patterns I played were not even close to being a level 12, but were fun, and are very unconventional compared to most patterns nowadays. I think you should have just made them normal, hyper, another with proper rankings though.

Overall, the BMS is just completely something that a person who knows what they're doing wouldn't make, but that does result in it being unique and a curiosity in some regard.

インプレID: 680 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年09月28日(水) 18:46 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


I played the 7K ANOTHER.

It's on the shorter side, but it was a game BGM-like techno with analog quality to it, which I thought was nice. In particular I liked the percussion patterns.
The sudden tempo change was unusual because it didn't sound like the song was actually going into halftime, but overall the pattern was fun.

I was a little surprised when I looked up the creator (whose name I did not recognize), because it seemed like there was no connection to BMS until now,
How did you find out about BMS and pupuly...?

インプレID: 679 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年09月28日(水) 18:23 / 編集: 2022年09月28日(水) 21:13 / 管理: 編集


Played 7K NORMAL.

I got the feeling of an surreal, misty atmosphere, and I thought the mood was very well-set. Especially I enjoy the hazy tone of the pads.

From a production standpoint, I thought it might be better to use a more breakbeat-like kick and snare for this type of trip hop, or at least have them stand out more in the mix through volume and compression. (I understand the song was made on short notice so there may have not been much time to worry about mixing.)
From an arrangement standpoint, the guitar's appearance sounds sudden. I think it would sound more natural if the guitar was preceded by a fill or reverse cymbal, and if there were some sort of cymbal or impact on the measure where the guitar starts. (It may also be that the guitar is rather loud.)

Despite this nitpick, I really like the inclusion and sound of the guitar itself. It's an interesting development that brings to mind atmospheric rock like shoegaze, etc.
Basically the song is really good (though I am biased as I favor trip hop and downtempo), but would shine more with further polish.

インプレID: 656 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年02月05日(土) 18:01 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


Played 7K HYPER. (maybe more like lv10)
Psy with chill synth makes for a good combination, and I thought it was interesting because it seems like a style of atmosphere Nakaiankow doesn't usually make. Also I liked the acoustic drumfill.

インプレID: 648 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: https://twitter.com/Hyparpax / 登録: 2021年09月25日(土) 20:08 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集