Karachi (BMS ver.) / Jorts



Karachi (BMS ver.) / Jorts

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First BMS work by Jorts.

作品ID: 233 / 作者: Jorts / 作者Webサイト: https://twitter.com/jortswubs / 登録: 2023年02月01日(水) 11:10 / 編集: - / 区分: オリジナル / 管理: 編集




Played 7K ANOTHER.

Until I played this I never thought about how few jungle terror BMS there seem to be? (The only other one I can think of is... "にゃんぐるてら~★".)
The track is good, and it's cool to see an already established western artist try BMS! Particularly I liked the switch to the half-time dubstep drum pattern at the end!

インプレID: 718 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2023年02月13日(月) 14:38 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


this came out of nowhere!
you have a very modern and developed style, and I'm so happy to hear these club sounds in BMS.

the tribal sound is very engaging and adding bits of various hardcore genres feels great, I want more! each transition between sections feels just right and I never felt myself bored. I only played the SPA, but that chart is very well rounded and compliments the music well.
the melody at the beginning feels a bit off and the part at 1:04 fills the same space but is a different melody and that one feels much better to me, but that may just be personal preference.
another personal preference is that the music could be considered very "otogecore" which I have heard so many times I'm becoming numb to it. in BMS, you have full creative reign to do whatever you want, and if you want to make great otoge music, that's great! but there is always the option of filling your most experimental creative desires here, and I would love to see what that would sound like!

thank you for making BMS and I hope to see your work again soon.

インプレID: 713 / 投稿者: dandeless / 投稿者Webサイト: https://dandeless.carrd.co/ / 登録: 2023年02月04日(土) 01:19 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集

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  • '23.02.05 Very Cool!!!すごい