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Hellenica / Echa

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My first ever BMS work created.
I hope you enjoy it!

作品ID: 211 / 作者: Echa / 作者Webサイト: https://twitter.com/echa_omega / 登録: 2022年08月08日(月) 06:27 / 編集: 2022年08月08日(月) 06:49 / 区分: オリジナル / 管理: 編集




Played [CRAZY] and [HELLENICAN].

To be blunt, it's poorly made, but I thought it was a little interesting as outsider art.
The song reminded me a lot of the other rhythm game's "OVERDOSER". My understanding is that it seems to be a collage of samples from existing BMS... I think moving forward it'd be worthwhile to learn how to make your own sounds to start with, or at least find some presets and sample packs that won't be a gray area to use. Sampling other works is part of music, but in this case it's done rather sloppily, so it comes off careless and potentially disrespectful to the artists, I think. Or, well, it gives the impression the artist just took other people's sounds because they didn't have any of their own... (I apologize if I'm wrong.)

The patterns I played were not even close to being a level 12, but were fun, and are very unconventional compared to most patterns nowadays. I think you should have just made them normal, hyper, another with proper rankings though.

Overall, the BMS is just completely something that a person who knows what they're doing wouldn't make, but that does result in it being unique and a curiosity in some regard.

インプレID: 680 / 投稿者: hpx / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年09月28日(水) 18:46 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集


I try to understand as much as possible about what the artist wants to do and find the good points, no matter how bad others may say the work is.
However, with this work, it's difficult to even understand what it is fundamentally trying to do, which makes it extremely difficult to even look for good points anymore.
First of all, regarding the audio quotes from past BMSs, there is no necessity and they are simply placed haphazardly, lacking respect for the original artists.
I have listened to a variety of music that uses sampling, but I can honestly say that I have never heard sampled music where the meaning of each individual sound is so close to nothing.
Also, from the perspective of building one's own music by randomly piling on top of each other, this music honestly lacks intensity.
I'm not saying that this approach is bad, of course. I just feel that this approach is futile because we cannot see what the final attempt is going to be.
Secondly, the music score is also out of tune with the BPM, and while I found this a bit interesting, I can't see the intent in any way, so I have to suspect a mistake first and foremost.
If you are trying to create such an inconsistent score, the song should be intense first (precedent: MARENOL).
Even if the music is not that intense, the meaning of the score should be consistent.
Finally, BGI, to be honest, does not seem to make any sense at all, since the previous elements are out of order.
Frankly, it's a waste.
If there is one thing to praise about this work, it is the stylishness of the back.bmp and BGI, but it's also quite unconvincing and seems to show the bad side of this work no matter how hard you try.
As I said a little at the beginning, I try to read the artist's intention as much as possible.
However, in the case of this work, no matter how many times I played it, I could not read the author's intention, and even if I did, I had the impression that it ended up being a half-baked work.
I would have originally given every work even one point, but sorry, even that value is not found in me.
Please note that I'm not accusing you of anything, sorry.

If this is your first work, I think you should be exposed to more other pieces, do some analysis, and acquire a vocabulary.


インプレID: 670 / 投稿者: ゲストさん - Mowl / 投稿者Webサイト: https://mowl.amebaownd.com / 登録: 2022年08月14日(日) 19:44 / 編集: 2022年08月14日(日) 19:54 / 管理: 編集


I think if you're gonna use keysounds from other songs you might want to either make it not as apparent (I recognized the kick from Gengaozo, several drums from Angelic layer among other things...) or in a way that makes one think it's there for the sake of being there. It really felt like there was no point in using crusty old samples from back when audio artifacts were common place and that regular samples would have made more sense.
The charts were evidently made chaotic on purpose but the way the notes simply do not line up with the measure lines as if the BPM was wrong is very puzzling and uncomfortable to look at in gameplay
Overall this BMS did not "persuade" me at all. Despite what I said above about using keysounds from other songs however I do not think that the concept itself is flawed at all (it's an entire art called sampling after all). I simply think that you should at the very least aim for transformative usage of sampling, or in any case convincing the listener that yes, this sound absolutely had to be there because it fits and maybe even nothing else could take its place

インプレID: 669 / 投稿者: ゲストさん - お名前 / 投稿者Webサイト: - / 登録: 2022年08月10日(水) 10:42 / 編集: - / 管理: 編集

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