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WinterWanderweg / PizeroFox

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  • '22.01.26
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A song I originally made for an indiegame set in a snow covered world, but decided to remake/update for a BMS version, as I found myself returning to BMS after having learned a bit more about music production.

Taking place near the end of the adventure the song is ment to symbolize the difficulty of the last few levels, but still have a relaxing nature that is nice to listen to while solving the puzzles.
This song, along with the game, was inspired by the desire for snow to suddenly appear again, after having almost nothing where I lived for several years... then in 2021 it finally happened.
The photos you can see in the BGI were taken that day. Sadly the snow only lasted 2 days before disappearing again, but it did remind me of how beautiful everything can look, with a little bit of snow.

Sorry if this author comment went on too long, but I do hope you will enjoy this slow relaxing song.

作品ID: 202 / 作者: ゲストさん - PizeroFox - / 作者Webサイト: / 登録: 2022年01月26日(水) 05:54 / 編集: 2022年01月26日(水) 06:07 / 区分: オリジナル / 管理: 編集








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